June Update

Hello, Hillwood Soccer Community,

Silas Lindenstein here again. As promised, here is my monthly Hillwood Soccer update. 

I’ve got some important info, updates, and news to share this June.

  • Registrations!

We are full steam into fall registration, and it’s pretty exciting. If you haven’t registered yet, please do so soon. Our new registrar, Melissa, is hard at work building and balancing out new and old teams. For people wondering if there is a team in their age group because your player’s coach has moved on, but your player still wants to play…register! We will likely be able to get a new coach or combine teams, but we will only know there is interest if the child is registered. If you register and we can’t find a team for your player, we will issue a refund, but we are working hard to ensure everyone who registers will have a team.

 And just a friendly reminder that a late fee for registration starts on July 15th.

  • Hillwood Day At The Reign!

Be on the lookout for a separate official announcement for Hillwood Day at an Upcoming Seattle Reign game, a Hillwood Soccer community event we are organizing for the summer. We are just getting the final touches and the discount link all set up. Right now, mark your calendars for Sunday, August 6th! More info is coming soon!

  • Quick tip for parents and coaches

Because of the “No jewelry” rule, summertime is a great time to get those ears pierced for players. Piercing in the summer gives the player time for the piercings to heal before fall games start. And remember, covering earrings with band-aids doesn’t count. The No jewelry rule is part of the league insurance requirement, so we ask all coaches, parents, and guardians to ensure players are compliant.

  • Board Need

As many of you know, several of our long-time board members have moved on. Which makes sense since their U32 child is no longer playing in Shoreline. We need wonderful people like you to fill in some of these positions for a year or so. When we fill the board positions, it becomes a position with low commitment but a significant impact. There’s a saying, “Two people can move a couch real easy.” While there are many moving parts for our soccer, we accomplish a lot as a team.

One immediate need we have for a board position is Secretary. This position primarily attends our monthly board meeting and notes what is said and decided. They do other minor things, but that task alone would help A LOT. 

Two other non-board but vital positions we need to get filled are 1) Micro Teams Uniform Manager and 2) PR help – which means putting up a bunch of posters and dropping flyers off around the area to promote registration. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this monthly update. We are looking forward to a smooth fall registration season! Let us know if you have any questions or if you can help spread the word about Hillwood soccer. 

Go Hillwood!

Silas Lindenstein

Hillwood Soccer President