Game Day Information

Players, coaches and parents are expected to abide by their respective codes of conduct and the Rules of Competition AS THE MINIMUM STANDARDS OF CONDUCT. Violators can be removed from the field to the referee’s satisfaction.

Day of Play

U6SaturdayHighland Terrace
U7SaturdayMeridian Park
U8SaturdayBoys – Hillwood Park / Girls – Syre
U9SaturdayEcho Lake
U10SundayEcho Lake (likely but up to SYSA scheduler)
U11SaturdayHillwood Park (likely but up to SYSA scheduler)
U12SundayHillwood Park (likely but up to SYSA scheduler)
U12Boys & GirlsSundayFields are determined by SYSA
U13Boys & GirlsSaturdayMaps can be found in “Fields
U14Boys & GirlsSunday 
U15Boys & GirlsSaturday 


U10 and older schedules are available through the SYSA Website. The first half of the season is usually available before Labor Day. Check Schedules Here.
U6 through U9 teams have game schedules emailed to the players. The game schedule is usually available before Labor Day. Contact your coach or team manager for details. (Remember volunteers are welcome)


A list of fields in the Seattle area can be found here.

Note: Please remember that no jewelry of any kind is allowed for games or practices. Please leave the dogs at home.


The following is a list of equipment required for each player:

  • Shirt/Jersey (provided by the club)
  • Shin guards (worn under socks)
  • Socks (must cover the shin guards)
  • Shorts (should be close to the same color as the other players)
  • Soccer cleats (no metal studs, no toe cleat)
  • Medical Release Information and roster/game sheets (held by the coach)
  • Home team provides the age appropriate correct sized ball to the satisfaction of the referee

Players should take care to provide their own sunscreen, hydration and nutrition.

For U6-U9 teams, Hillwood Soccer Club provides jerseys to the players and coaches. These come in a variety of colors with the Hillwood Soccer Club logo on the chest. At the end of the season, we request that all uniforms be returned to your coach. The coach will be directed to hold on to them for next season or return them to the club.

For U11-U19 teams, players should expect to purchase a jersey. Hillwood Soccer Club issues a uses jerseys in the designated color scheme of HSC (Yellow & Black). We encourage players to use the jerseys for multiple seasons when possible.

As mentioned at the Coach’s meeting last week, Hillwood instituted a best practices policy for games to guide coaches and parents and designed to optimize positive play experiences for players. 


  • Parents should sit on the opposite touchline than the team (space allowed) This is already a rule for U10 and up, (though often hasn’t been followed) and standard practice at Select soccer. This allows parents to focus on cheering and allows the players to learn to look to the coach for direction and guidance. This will also hopefully help with positive sideline behavior. 
  •  Coaches and managers should choose a side of the field that allows this to happen.  Team Managers, please assist in making this happen.  This will also enable the parents to have more fun together. 

Here is a map where everyone should sit:

  • Coaches stay with the team on side and aren’t on the field, unless they need to ref. Let the kids play. We do not remote control teams from on field. Let them play and experience soccer.
  • Let Ref show them what should happen during kickoff, goal kick, etc. if they aren’t sure.  

We realize that you may play other teams from other clubs that don’t follow this rule. Let’s have Hillwood set the example.


Coaches are to stay with the team on touchline/sideline and not be on the field with the team, unless they need to ref. Let the kids play. We do not remote control teams from on field. Let them play and experience soccer. Yes, even U6.  The kids will figure it out with the ref’s guidance. Let Ref show them what should happen during kickoff, goal kick, etc. if they aren’t sure.  


  • Junior Ref Program – These will be refs that are 10-13 year old kids reffing the micro leagues.
    • These are micro games not the MLS
    • Referees in this program are like the kids playing (and often the coaches), they are developing in the sport. Mistakes will be made. Don’t yell at the refs. 
    • These are kids, but they are the refs, they make the decisions, please don’t argue with them. 
    • If you have an issue with a ref you can email our ref coordinator liaison Jeff Timmons at
  • >U10 Refs – Don’t argue with refs. Don’t yell at the refs. Fan/parent behavior is punishable by cards to the coaches. If coaches get a red card, they have to leave the field and the game could end in forfeit. 

Starting Games

Please start the games on time. If games start late, you’ll still need to end at the scheduled time so as not to cause a domino effect for the next games.

What To Wear

  • Cold weather.
    • New people to the sport often don’t realize that all ages  play in almost any weather. We don’t wear jackets on the field over uniforms. The jersey needs to be the last closet clothing item over anything. 
    • Suggest under armor. If they want to wear sweaters or coats, wear under uniform. Costco has great cheap cold weather gear that also works 
    • From SYSA: “So we advise that players dress in appropriate clothing and even wear their jerseys over the top of a suitable jacket, etc. Other things to be mindful of at the field things like, are conditions changing, Is there freezing rain, sleet, ice and snow?
    • Players on sidelines should wear appropriate clothing until they enter the game.
    • Blankets and chairs are recommended.”