Board Of Directors

Hillwood Soccer Club Board & Club Volunteers

Board of Directors Elections As part of securing IRS status as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, we revamped our by-laws four  years ago and changed the process by which we elect new members to the Board of Directors. At this time, we are soliciting candidates to serve on the Board. If interested, please send your statement of interest to  There are currently nine directors. Four of those positions are up for election and one of them will be an open seat. Directors attend monthly board meetings and provide governance for the club. Elections will be held as part of a brief Annual General Meeting, in conjunction with the May meeting as provided for in the club’s by-laws.

President – Silas Lindenstein
Vice-President – Jim Shea
Secretary – Deirdre Spellman
Treasurer -Maria Yasui
Director at Large – Dave Reichgott
Director at Large – Sue Brangwin
Administrator – Melissa Coulson
SYSA Rep – Position Open
Disciplinary Rep – Douglas Haub (323-454-3840)
Coaches Rep – Kim Huntamer
Manager Rep – Jonathan Cimuchowski
Parent Rep #1 – Suzanne McMurray
Parent Rep #2 – Kay Fleming
Registrar – Melissa Coulson
Game Scheduler – Rob McCuistion
Referee Assignor U10+ – Larry Metz
Referee Coordinator – Jeff Timmons
Practice Fields Eric Strandberg & Jeff Timmons
U10+ Uniforms: Amanda Zollner Stevi Boskovich
Micro Jerseys – Katie Klien
Micro Equipment & Fields – Jeremy Doane
Community Development – POSITION OPEN

Hillwood Soccer Club has received 501(c)(3) status from the IRS and as part of the application process, we have changed our board structure. We have moved to a smaller board of directors so that we can secure a quorum at meetings and conduct essential business for meeting our legal requirements. There are also many volunteers who make the soccer programs run and Hillwood couldn’t exist without them — but they don’t typically attend board meetings and the new structure frees them of any feeling of obligation to do so.