General Team Information

U6 and U7 teams play “Micro” soccer. It involves short games on small fields with no goalie, cones for goals, and 3 players to a side. TThis allows these young players plenty of opportunity to run and get a maximum number of touches on the ball, without worrying a lot about playing positions. Teams have rosters of 8 players. Micro teams play only other HSC micro teams.

U8 teams  introduces goalkeepers. U8 have an increase in their roster from 8 to 9 players. The number of players on the field increases from 4 to 5 players to a side and include a goalie.  

U9 & U10 teams introduces goalkeepers. Teams have rosters of 12 and play 7-a-side, which includes the goalie. Assigned Referees are introduced at U9. Mod teams play other HSC teams. Players are provided HC jerseys. The ball size changes from a #3 to a #4 ball.

U11 & U12 teams play a modified small-sided soccer as well. U10 teams have a roster of 14 players and play 9-a-side. Games are around the city, against teams from many different clubs. Licensed referees are used; scores are kept by HSC teams/coaches. All aspects of the league play are organized and managed by the SYSA. Teams are organized by the HSC and represent the club in the first weekend of the season U10 Jamboree.

Refer to the SYSA website for more details regarding rules for U10 play.

U12 teams All aspects of the league play are organized and managed by the SYSA.

This age level team and older is eligible to participate in the City Tournament.

U13 and above play full field soccer, 11 a side, including goalkeeper. These teams are organized by HSC, but scheduled and coordinated through the SYSA. The game day roster is set at 18 players.