Season Information

Age Chart

All volunteers must take the required SafeSport course – Click Here for Instructions

Team Information

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  • U6 & U7: 8 players/team, play 4 vs 4 no goalie
  • U8: 9 players/team, play 5 vs 5 w/goalie
  • U9 & U10: 12 players/team, play 7 vs 7 w/ goalie
  • U11-U12: 14 player max roster, play 9 v 9
  • U13-19: 18-22 players max roster, play 11 v 11

U6-U9 Mod games abide by the Mod Rules.

U10-U19 Rec games abide by the SYSA Rules and have referees supplied by the SSRA.

Dates of the Season

The fall soccer season runs from September through November with most U11 & up teams participating in the Seattle City Tournament, which ends in December. There is also a Spring Soccer program that is run by SYSA. The spring season has no practices and consists of 8 games through April and May.

Practice Information

U6-U9 practice twice a week for 45-60 minutes. Coach’s establish practice locations and times.

U10 & older also practice twice a week for 75-90 minutes. Coaches and the practice field coordinator work together to provide the best use of practice space available.

Game Day Information

  • U6-U9 Teams play on Saturdays at fields located within the Hillwood Soccer Club boundaries
  • Boys and Girls U11, U13, U15 Saturdays
  • Boys and Girls U10, U12, U14 Sundays
  • Boys U16 Saturdays
  • Girls U16, U17-U19 Sundays
  • Boys U17 Saturdays
  • Boys U18, U19 Saturdays


A list of fields in the Seattle area can be found here.

Note: Please remember that no jewelry of any kind is allowed for games or practices. Please leave the dogs at home.


The following is a list of equipment required for each player:

  • Shirt/Jersey (provided by the club)
  • Shin guards (worn under socks)
  • Socks (must cover the shin guards)
  • Shorts (should be close to the same color as the other players)
  • Soccer cleats (no metal studs, no toe cleat)

For U6-U9 teams, Hillwood Soccer Club provides jerseys to the players and coaches. These come in a variety of colors with the Hillwood Soccer Club logo on the chest. At the end of the season, we request that all uniforms be returned to your coach. The coach will be directed to hold on to them for next season or return them to the club.

For U11-U19 teams, Hillwood Soccer Club issues a jersey in the color scheme of HSC (Yellow & Black). We encourage players to use the jerseys for multiple seasons when possible. If your team decides to purchase your own uniforms we ask that you use these colors. The HSC Logo and the SYSA logo both need to be on the Jersey.

Please contact the equipment manager for details.

Prohibited Items

Jewelry of any kind is not allowed. If your player plans to have something pierced, please do not do it during the soccer season. Plan ahead and make sure they are able to remove the jewelry before the start of the Fall soccer season.

DOGS? Not Allowed, Sorry…

City and School District rules prohibit dogs at or on the fields at any time when soccer games or practices are held. Please just leave the happy puppies at home.