Welcome Coach!

Thank you for volunteering as a coach for Hillwood Soccer Club! This section is intended to share information with the new coach.

The Club

Hillwood Soccer Club (HSC) is a neighborhood club of Seattle Youth Soccer Association (SYSA). SYSA is a member of District 1 of the Washington State Youth Soccer Association (WSYWA) and an affiliate of US Youth Soccer.

Players are registered according to their age prior to August 1st of that year. When you coach a “Micro” team, U6-U9, games are local and scheduled through the Micro coordinator. As players get older, their games are scheduled by SYSA, while HSC continues to manage the rosters, coaches, practices, and uniforms, etc.

Coach/Volunteer Registration

At the time of registration, using Affinity Sports, coaches, assistant coaches, and managers are required to read and sign off on forms including the Coaches Code of Conduct and to go through the Risk Management Assessment. See Risk Management Assessment (RMA) Instructions.

Parents and players need to fill out the following forms and you or a delegate must carry one copy of the release form as well as your team roster to all practices and games. This information is important to have on hand in case of an emergency.

Coach Training Reimbursements

Currently active Hillwood Soccer Coaches can be reimbursed for Hillwood Soccer Club approved training courses. The USSF Grassroots online trainings and in-person trainings for 4v4, 7v7, 9v9, and 11v11 are all approved courses.

To start the reimbursement process, please fill out this form: Hillwood Soccer Coach Training Reimbursement Form

Practice Field Requests

Once U10-U18 team practice assignments have been made, we will then offer assigned spaces to U9 and below teams on a space available basis. These assignments will not take place until after August 1st. There is more information about possible available areas on the form.


Hillwood will email your team roster and remind you to attend two meetings, one in early summer and one in the fall before the season starts.

Game Formats

Game day is on Saturday for U6-U9 teams. Game day changes with age and gender. Game formats for younger players are described on this table. Small sided rules are implemented.

Disciplinary Issues Check List

Please read and understand the Hillwood/SYSA Disciplinary Issues Checklist


U6-U8 teams should plan to provide a referee for a half of each game. There is usually a brief “how to” referee before the season starts. We recommend the head coach be on the sideline coaching their team. U10 & up referees are provided by SSRA. First year referees, after receiving training through SSRA, are scheduled by an HSC volunteer for the U9 games to gain experience.

Please see the BECOME A REFEREE tab for more information.

Prepare for Coaching

Delegate, Delegate, Delegate: Enlist the assistance of Team Manager(s) to collaborate team responsibilities. Team responsibilities grow over the years so others could help with things that include: field set-up and take-down, refereeing, team reps for contacting other coaches, field reps to check on field locations, the all-important snack scheduler, first aid/crisis manager, party arranger, “thank the coach” coordinator, team photo day coordinator and press secretary to review emails and other information that goes out.

Sports Psychology: If you have fun, your players will probably have fun, or at least have fun laughing at you trying to have fun! Also, read “From Childhood to Champion”, the classic on how to approach and communicate with young athletes. Coaches must understand that the psychological aspect of coaching players is at least equally important to the physical. HIT: The players want to have fun! Remember, you have chosen to help the team by coaching so delegate duties so you can stay focused on coaching. Find an assistant coach. You NEED an assistant coach at practices to help run the gauntlet of potty breaks and bumps, bruises and the possible child meltdown. You might have the best session planned but cannot be in two places at the same time!

Another great book for youth coaches is Making The Ball Roll.